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You must know that trucks act as a great carrier of materials in today’s time. there is not a single business that would have not used trucking services for its better functioning. Among various modes of transportation, trucks play a major role in the pick-up and delivery of goods. These are the most commonly used and preferred transport mediums you can transport heavy goods with safely.
However, just like any other vehicle, the trucks may also undergo damage or face some sort of malfunctioning in certain machine parts. Despite its good durability, it may undergo wear and tear and parts may get degraded over time if not taken care of.
Well, you don’t need to panic if any part of machinery stops functioning. Leos Truck and Trailer Repair are here to assist you with these problems and help you solve them with ease. Holding many years of experience in truck repair, we believe in providing the highest standard of service to our clients in Yennora. We make sure that you receive the best services and be satisfied with the truck maintenance provided to you.

What should you do to maintain the life of your machinery?


  • Do not avoid lubrication

Make sure that your truck is lubed properly and you don’t have to apply it again and again to enhance its performance. The parts like steering, suspension, and drivetrain zerks must be subjected to high-quality grease that prevents their wear and tear in tough situations. 

If you have performed all these jobs and still some problem continues to arise then professional help might be required. Our truck repair mechanics in Yennora are highly efficient and will check for leaks in the drivetrain areas to know the cause of the problem. At Leos Truck and Trailer Repair, we make sure that all the necessary fittings and applicable parts are perfectly lubed to maintain performance.

  • Check for inflation issues

Just like any other part, the tyres also need to be kept in check for their air quality and moving efficiency. If the tyres are underinflated, they will put a load on the entire machinery and will cause a decrease in the fuel efficiency levels. On the other hand, the overinflated tyres also pose risk as they can undergo premature tread wear and are more prone to blowouts.

Our truck repairing specialists in Yennora can guide you about the appropriate tyres pressure and what you should do to keep them in a healthy state. We can help you deal with any kind of truck repair issues and aim to keep you and your products safe.

  • Avoid Contamination

This is one of the commonly given pieces of advice that keeping your fuel and storage tank free from contamination is necessary for the healthy functioning of your truck. It will aid in keeping your fuel flowing and engine purring. You must be aware of the moisture control treatments that will help in keeping your fuel safe.

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So, what are you waiting for? If you feel that your vehicle is not functioning properly, you should get in touch with Leos Truck and Trailer Repair in Yennora and make sure that your truck gets repaired to regain its power and functioning.

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