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When it comes to a truck, you will find that it needs repair from time to time. It requires a great amount of maintenance and if you don’t put in the effort and act careless, you might have to bear its repercussions as well. Truck repair is the job of a specialist and that’s why you must contact our services at Leos Truck & Trailer Repair to keep a check on your truck.

If there is any sort of defect in your truck, you shouldn’t be waiting long before contacting us. We have got great services in terms of defect clearance and repairs. Many people with trucks in Moorebank have come up with problems regarding their engine and gearbox from time to time. We make sure that we can repair your engine and gearbox so that your vehicle doesn’t stop working without warning when the vehicle runs errands or some emergency task. We have got hydraulics technology working for us as well. So, you can be sure about coping up with the large weight of your truck safely on our part. We have seen that mechanical servicing generally can lead to problems, not the same case with hydraulics. One of the major truck repairs that are required to be done from time to time is metalwork & welding. When the truck moves a lot on the road, it can lead to numerous problems surrounding welding. We can do the metalwork which would last longer and help your truck look apart.

Leos Truck Repairs: The Best Choice For All Your Truck Repair Needs

We are one of the best organisation in Moorebank involved in the truck repair business. We offer services that are budget friendly. We provide our services staying true to the money we ask from you. We like to believe that our relationship is going to last longer once you take our services, and we have to charge a fair amount so that you don’t leave us dissatisfied by any means. 

You can come up with different sorts of truck repair issues all at once. It can be regarding your welding or your engine or your gearbox, maybe it can be all the problems occurring at once. You don’t have to worry if you’re staying in Moorebank, you just have to walk to us with your truck and we will offer the best of services. We have expertise in each of the fields and we continue to strive further in terms of improvement regarding our work. 

We have been doing this work for over 10 years now. Most of the truck owners have an issue that their defective parts get replaced by cheaper parts that don’t work as good and have a chance to get defective very soon. With us, you will get branded and like-for-like replacements for the defective parts. In case there’s an issue regarding truck repair in the future which is minor, you can call us, and we are ready to provide you assistance. We are specialized professionals, and you need nothing less when you are looking for truck repair. 

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If you prefer mailing you can drop mails at or and we would get back to you at the earliest. But the easiest and fastest way is through calls on the number 0414899877 to hire our services. 

Our premises are located at 12 Tamar Place Fairfield, West 2165, NSW. We are open Monday to Friday: 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday: 8 am to 4 pm.

24*7 emergency breakdowns and mobile mechanics also available

Call Us : 0414 899 877

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