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Commercial vehicles are the backbone of the supply chains of all industries in NSW, Australia, and hence all trucks involved in the supply chain must be free of any problems during operation. At Leos Trucks & Trailer Repair, we are committed to keeping the fleet of trucks in the best condition possible.



Right from light commercial trucks to large container carrying transport trucks, we are well equipped to repair trucks of all kinds belonging to all leading companies in Australia. Our large workshop can undertake repairs of a major truck accident or minor problem with equal ease. We have the necessary tools, equipment, and machinery to repair all facets of a commercial truck right from light rigid trucks to trailers or even prime movers.


Experienced and trained Team

One of the important factors why Leos Trucks & Trailer Repair is considered one of the best shops for truck repairs in the Liverpool and NSW region is the kind of team that we have been able to put in place over the years. We have an experienced team of technicians that strive to provide quality repair work to truck owners.

Our team of customer service representatives and technicians work in coordination to keep the customer informed about the status of the work regularly, ensuring the customer is informed of all the repair work being undertaken. Our technicians are well-trained and authorized by truck manufacturers to undertake truck repairs in Liverpool. Being well-trained, professional, and efficient helps us get repair work done quickly and efficiently.

Customer Service

Leos Trucks & Trailer Repair is known for its high level of customer service throughout the suburbs of Sydney. Being a local company, our technicians and team can easily reach any location in NSW in an unfortunate incident of truck breakdown or accident. We understand that any downtime for a truck fleet is undesirable for any truck owner and hence try to be extremely efficient concerning time for repair and maintenance.

To ensure minimal downtime, we also have a tow truck that can take all types of truck repairs in Liverpool to our workshop in the least possible time and ensure that the downtime caused by accidents is minimized. We aim to get your fleet of trucks operating on the road as fast as possible post-accident.

Our service is not just limited to truck repairs in Liverpool that have had a breakdown or an accident. We also ensure that we deliver the repaired truck in excellent condition so that there are minimal chances of a breakdown shortly.

Some repair services that we offer are:

  • Engine repair or replacement
  • Gearbox repair or rebuild
  • Clutch repairs or replacement
  • Brake Line repair or replacement
  • Laser-based Wheel Alignment or tire repair/replacement
  • Any Electrical repair in the trucks
  • Spring/shock absorber repair
  • Truck Body welding
  • Axle / Differential repair

The above list is not an exhaustive list of the repair work that we undertake at Leos Trucks & Trailer Repair. Any problem that you have with your truck can be resolved by our experienced team to ensure that your fleet of trucks operates efficiently and smoothly for a long time.


24*7 emergency breakdowns and mobile mechanics also available

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