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You might get involved in some issues while driving heavy vehicles and often get stuck in between. Heavy vehicles require a lot of maintenance and need to be checked regularly. However, you never know when the issue may arise. If you are getting troubled with the working of your vehicle, you can always connect with Leo Truck Repair.

We are here to assist you with the problems that you are facing with your truck or any other heavy vehicle. We excel in performing heavy vehicle repairs in Minto and make sure that our clients are satisfied with our products and services. Today most of the services reach our doorstep with the help of the trucking industry. We don’t realize the importance of the trucking industry until we look at its services carefully.


Here are some of the common issues that you can face while driving the trucks:

Overheating of the engines

The overheating of engines is one of the most common issues that a truck driver may face. Most of the heavy vehicles that come to us suffer from this problem. The main reasons behind the overheating of engines are a disturbance in the fuel tank or the presence of a blown gasket. If these problems are not addressed in time, they can lead to the development of severe situations. If you are facing such problems, you must come to us, and we will provide you with the most effective solutions.

Failure in starting the truck

Often, you can face failure in starting your heavy vehicle and there can be various reasons behind it that cannot be found out by an ordinary person. Therefore, you need to take the professional help that we can provide you with. We have always worked hard towards providing our customers top-quality services. We will check the entire mechanism of starting your vehicle and will analyse how the problem can be solved.

Braking system issues

You must know that several modern trucks face the issue of braking systems and face difficulty while applying brakes. This is something that you need to be worried about. If you do not pay attention to this problem, you might get involved in some accident and will put your and others life at risk.

The brakes may not function properly if they have not been maintained properly or due to more substantial pressure placed on the brakes. Therefore, these issues make regular truck services important for you. Being in Minto, we make sure that our truck repairing services reach out to everyone and don’t face any difficulty once the issue has been resolved.

Inflation of tires

Often, the tires can be over or under-inflated and both situations put you at the risk of accidents. The heavy vehicle repairing in Minto will involve checking the amount of air in the tires and maintaining it to an adequate level for your safe usage.

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We use the best quality products to repair your trucks and make sure that you do not face the same issue in future. Our heavy vehicle mechanics in Minto are highly professional and well-trained to carry out work in strenuous situations and deliver their best work. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us now to get your issues resolved.


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